brand story

how it all began

Layed Jewels came from years of loving dainty jewelry and two best friends who wanted to start their own brand. Amanda and Megha met up on a Sunday afternoon at their usual coffee bistro to shoot blog content, except this time it was different. They were two iced vanilla lattes in when Layed Jewels became an idea. Flash forward to one year later and it's now officially a business.

Amanda and Megha wanted to stay away from the cookie cutter names and come up with captivating phrases for all of their pieces. They see their pieces being the topic of conversation when worn by badass women. The quirky phrases will make any woman feel fun and relaxed. Most importantly, they want everyone to #getlayed in style!

get to know us

the girls behind layed jewels

Amanda is a Business Development Coordinator by day and a wanna-be professional “TikToker” at night! If you ever need to learn the latest TikTok dances, Amanda has you covered (@amanda_carluccio)! Although small in stature (4’10” to be exact) she has a BIG personality with BIG goals. She has always wanted to start her own business and hopes to inspire others to do the same. When she’s not working on Layed, TikToking or at work, she teaches dance. Dance has always been a big part of her life and she truly enjoys teaching and choreographing. Her true passion is creating and sharing fashion/lifestyle content as well as teaching dance tutorials to a combined 160k+ followers via Instagram and TikTok.

Megha works full time in Finance and part time as a Lifestyle Blogger. She is the owner of the blog chocolateandcheeseplease where she is passionate about creating vegetarian friendly recipes, easy travel itineraries, and cute outfits for any occasion! While many people say that starting a business is hard "work," Megha thinks that Layed Jewels is more of a hard "hobby". She loves sharing her unique taste of dainty jewelry and that shines through with all of these hand picked pieces. When she's not working in finance, lifestyle blogging, or selling jewelry, you can be sure to find her at a local donut shop ;)